Elective Credits Are Available For Volunteer And Paid Work



Students can earn elective credits through paid or non-paid work. See Jeff Stanek in Room 101 for forms or more information.

David Kunda, Staff Writer

Many students at Centennial may not know but they are given the opportunity to obtain elective credits through work or volunteering as long as insurance is provided.   

The programs are called Workplace Partnership and Volunteer Partnership.

This opportunity is a great alternative for students that have failed an elective class or for someone who  just wants to pad their transcript with extra credits even if they are on track to graduate.

A total of 97 students are involved in this program this year with 170 credits being awarded so far.  This is expected to double by the end of the year said Jeff Stanek, who is in charge of the program.

A total of 180 hours of documented and verified paid work equals half a credit. Students are eligible up to two credits while attending CHS, but may apply for one additional credit.. Information provided will be shredded so be sure to bring a copy of either a pay stub or W2 form with personal information blacked out.

For volunteering, a total of 90 unpaid work equals half a credit and can be repeated up to four times. Insurance for volunteer opportunities has to be provided and it is fine to combine hours from other sources and institutes. For further information or program applications, students should see Stanek in room 101.