Obeid Returns To CHS


Family Photo

Mike Obeid and his wife enjoy company together. Obeid is happy to be back at Centennial.

Sonam Phuntsok, Staff Writer

For those who don’t know, Mike Obeid is the newest night custodian at Centennial High School. He first started as a substitute custodian for the district when his mother, who worked for the district, suggested he sub to gain experience in the field.

After learning more about the job, the pay scale and benefits, Obeid then pursued to make it a permanent profession.

Before becoming a night custodian at Centennial, Obeid worked in the Reynolds school district as a night custodian at HB Lee Middle School. He also spent two years at Portland Public Schools. Settling down at Centennial was very appealing for Obeid being its his alma mater and his love for the community.

Obeid made sure to mention that the Centennial students are what makes his job enjoyable.

He said, “ The students are the best part. Its great to the kids’ school spirit and how much they support the school.”

Obeid went on to mention the football teams homecoming game and the strong school spirit he witnessed from the student section.

“It was humbling,” he said.

The staff is another reason Obeid enjoys working at Centennial.

He said, “ The staff is amazing, understanding and great at communication.”

The biggest changes he’s noticed at the school from when he graduated in 1997 are that students are much more polite and engaging today, and that school spirit has increased from past years.