Security Team



Joe Massey, Grant Prueitt, and Brian Grose

David Kunda, Staff Writer

Centennial High School has been in good hands security wise thanks to Brian Grose, Joe Massey and Grant Prueitt. The three of them make a solid team together. Grose is now on the job for the fifth straight year here. His earlier experience included hostage negotiation for the Portland Police Department.

Grose explains how “Each class has a hit or miss personality. Sometimes they are immature while others have no problems.” He gets along well with the rest of the security team. At home he tends to do handy man stuff and exercise to keep in shape.

Grose is proud of his daughter who participates in the tough sport of rowing at University of Wisconsin.

This is Prueitt’s second school year here at Centennial as he started in January. He explains how he knew Kevin Christie which made it possible to obtain the security job as Christie’s made the transition to a teacher. Prueitt’s previous experience included working in a residential facility where he worked with kids behaviors. Prueitt enjoys working with Grose and Massey and gets along good.

On his off time, he enjoys just chilling at home and occasionally likes to hoop it up with his buddies.

Massey graduated from Columbia River High School in Vancouver. He had a great career in football playing for the Oregon State Beavers. Since then he had security experiences at Parkrose and now Centennial. A change Joe has witnessed is that there are “more minorities” coming into the school in the recent years.

He also believes he that the security team is special as “Everyone brings something different to the table.” Massey doesn’t want people to think of him as the bad guy when he pulls kids out of class, instead he urges kids to just not get in trouble.

Massey is a family man as well, he loves spending time with them by going to movies and just hanging out.