Taco Bell Gives Student First Job Opportunity


Keona Havens, Cub Reporter

Many teenagers want to begin working at a young age so that they can get out there and make money.

Getting a job is not the easiest thing to do for any many people. A big thing us teenagers without cars struggle with is transportation. when getting a job you should probably make sure you have good grades so that you know that your job that you could get wouldnt affect your grades.

I first applied online for Taco Bell. It was a really long process and I needed my social security card number and it also asked me a lot about my reading comprehension, days I can work and also when I can start. You might need to know these things before applying.

After a few days of waiting after submitting your application  you should probably call the place you applied to and nicely ask them to talk to a manager or hiring manager. Tell them that you submitted an application and you were wondering if they had looked at it,In my case they asked me to come in for a interview and if not maybe call again the next day.

What I have learned is you may feel like you’re being  annoying but they will like it and they will understand you are very eager for work. After calling Taco Bell  twice they asked me to come in for an interview.

A few days later I came in and talked to this really nice lady who asked me a few questions about working on weekends and why I want to work there and what I see myself doing in a few years after high school and also about previous work experience. At the end of the interview she gave me the job and asked me my size in shirts and gave me a start date.

Ever since then I have been working at Taco Bell and I enjoy it so much.