Winter Week Festivities Continue; Holidays Gear Tomorrow’s Theme



Jimmy Mei dresses up for Spirit Week Dress Up Day. Mei had a huge role in organizing Spirit Week.

The week leading up to some of Centennial’s biggest events is normally a week filled with spirit just like this one leading up to The Winter Formal. The week is very festive and normally has themes for each day:

Monday was Cozy Day/Pajama Day

Tuesday was Candy Cane Day

Wednesday (yesterday) was Dress Up Day

Today is Meme Day

Tomorrow is Festive Friday

To start off the week on Monday with Cozy Day, we had our winter assembly. This assembly included who was on formal court, the talent show winners, the canned food drive and performances from some staff, students and cheerleaders.

The students on formal court are Kobe Hein, Trislyn Schmelling, Nathyn Caro, Naomi Maldonado, Christina Rodriguez, Branden Test, Angel Aluesi, Tupo Fononga, Timothy Fu, Bethany Dinh, Natalie Sato, Gavin Lickey, Garrett Charles, Emma Dobesh, Alex Apling or Megan Cannard.

The Winter Formal tickets are being sold during lunch for 30 dollars with ASB and $35 without it. The day continued on as a normal day and there was no after school events.

December 9 at Portland State University is where the dance will take place. The Winter Formal event will be form 8pm to 11pm and they will not be selling tickets at the door that night.  To enter the dance you will need your student ID card and your Winter Formal ticket.