Assembly Attendance Creates Dilemma


Hundreds of students choose to skip most assemblies. This really is not an “issue” as the gym won’t hold everyone, anyway.

Lucas Luther, Cub Reporter


Are You Going to The Assembly?

About 1800 students attend Centennial High School; interestingly only 1310 can physically fit In the gymnasium where assemblies take place.                                                                                                                                                        

Assemblies are the perfect time for updating students on incoming games, activities, dances and so on.

Aside from informing students, assemblies are also important for developing a sense of community throughout the student body.

“Throughout my 10 years here at Centennial, attending assemblies has never been mandatory,” says Ehren Schneider, former activities director.

With almost 500 students absent each assembly, attending is simply not the expectation for every student.

The exact student body population at CHS is 1752 students; with a maximum capacity of 1310 per assembly, 25% of the school voluntarily misses each assembly.

Here’s a variety of student responses as to why they didn’t attend the most recent assembly:

“Honestly I’m just claustrophobic, every assembly is too packed,” said Ethan Gibson, a junior.

“I use assemblies to catch up on homework; the school uses assemblies just for sporting games,” said Jaden Fischer, junior.

“I have a fractured ankle, all the front row seats are taken so there’s no point in going,” said junior Ryan Hoselton.

Even a few teachers could be seen socializing in the cafeteria.

“I watch over the cafeteria.  I never go to assemblies–they’re too crowded for my liking, said teacher Pat Deale who has cafeteria duty during assemblies.