Search To Replace Christie Continues With Little Progress



Graduate Dawson Day enjoyed playing on the baseball team for four years. Day felt sentimental about Head Coach Kevin Christie resigning.

Yoon Saechao, Cub Reporter

The varsity baseball team made it to state for the first time in nine years last spring, yet Kevin Christie resigned as head coach so he could spend more time with his family. Christie was coaching three sports at Centennial– varsity baseball, JV girls basketball and he is the head defensive coach for the varsity football team. Christie had been the head baseball coach for the last 4 years.

Brent Child, Athletic Director, said, “I would imagine that it hasn’t affected the players that much because spring sports practice don’t start until January 4. The progress on finding a coach is not really that good. I have had a couple meetings with people but it’s not looking too good. It’s been posted all over the state.”

Former varsity baseball player Dawson Day who is now attending Seattle University to continue his baseball career, carried the team to a 13-16 record but pitched a tremendous game in the first round of the playoffs against Tigard, winning 1-0. Day said “Christie has been one of the better coaches at Centennial. I’ve have played for him all four years of high school and each year we progressed to become a better team.”

Gehrig Bricker, senior infielder, said, “Not having a coach during the off season is really hurting us because other teams in Oregon are already practicing and we can’t practice unless we have supervision from an adult.”

Senior outfielder and pitcher Justin Funkhouser said, “Many other player are taking their own time to work out with other players and doing things that would help them get better. Not having a coach really hurts us because we don’t has a bond with the new coach that we would be getting.”

“Since we don’t have a coach right now we don’t have much time to bond with the new coach,” said senior outfielder and pitcher Adam Voigt.

Austin Ada, senior catcher, said, “For us seniors who may be playing our last season of baseball. It hurts that we aren’t able to practice during the off season which would decreases our chances of seeing success in the regular season.”

As the hunt continues for a new baseball coach many players are worried that CHS would not have a team ready for this upcoming season.