Lots Of New Faces Join Wrestling



Baseem Saad

The 2017-18 wrestling season is almost under way and we now know what we are working with, and we are very excited.

        Wrestling is a very tough sport and the nature of the sport means that oftentimes we are struggling to get new people to step out of their shell and join us. It’s an intimidating sport on paper because wrestlers are basically signing up for a street fight every day after school.

        In past years, having five “new” wrestlers join is would be a success. We have enough experienced people to help out the younger guys.

        This year there are at least 23 new wrestlers joining the team, along with the 20 returning guys. Not only has the attendance gone up in just one offseason but for the first time in Centennial history we have an all-girls wrestling team.

        We have 7 new girls already, and the numbers are still growing every week.

        With the graduation, the team lost a lot of really good talent and experience, but the new team seems more than ready to fill the void. We are looking forward to our first league dual on November 30 hosted by Reynolds.