Principal Mairi Scott Aguirre Reflects On First Few Years


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Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre reflects on her time at Centennial. Scott-Aguirre has loved being a part of the Centennial administration.

What type of changes have occurred since Mairi Scott Aguirre stepped in as principal of Centennial High School?

Quite a lot!

“A big change was focusing on the student’s voice, listening to what they have to say as well as trying to introduce more opportunities for students through new classes like coding classes,” Scott-Aguirre stated.

There have also been shocking incidents occur.

Scott Aguirre said, “The biggest thing is deaths in the staff and students. You’re never really prepared for that situation, and when it comes it is something that is very difficult to deal with,” she said in regards to teacher Justin Rosenblad who passed last spring, recent graduate Nick Lyngheim and student Noorullah Tajik who passed in separate incidents in recent months.

Scott-Aguirre still has many ongoing and challenging goals for the school.

“The overall goal is the have a 95% graduation rate by the year 2022 here at Centennial, as well as teaming together with Freshmen Success classes to help freshmen from the start to get them ready to graduate,” she said.

Other goals include getting students to have a deeper learning experience, and understanding the students more by shadowing them and giving them the opportunities they need.