Students Show Various Talents Thursday

Ajla Salkic, Staff Writer

 The Talent Show is on Thursday November 16 from 6-8 pm and the entry fee is $3 with ASB and $5 without ASB.  

 The Talent Show is an event that will promote can food drive the proceeds from admissions go towards the can food drive.  

 The following students will be participating;

        Satta Schmitt (singing)

        Kendall Beasley (dancing)

       Ariana Arias and Christopher Mendez (singing/guitar)

      Abisai Herrejon-Gonzalez (singing/piano)

       Reneya Springstead (gymnastics)  

       Zyah Onishi (original poem)

      Fairlight- Robert, Kai, and brian (band/singing original song)  

       Christopher (singing/guitar)

       Daniella Young (singing)

       Alex Saechao (dancing)

        Brian Koll (rapping original)

        Marlenae Hicks (singing)

        Tim, Jackson, Sarah (singing/piano)

       Hayden Merrill and Silvia Vicars (saxophone duet)

Those in attendance will be determining the winner by vote.

The winner gets to go to the Z-competition which is an event to go against other schools of students who also won.  The student who wins the Z-competition will win earn money towards college.