Roupp Shadows Nae Nae Glass



Tim Roupp chats with student Nae Nae Glass about school work. Roupp found his day shadowing a student to be very rewarding.

Part 3 of 5:  Written by Tim Roupp who was one of the four teachers to shadow a student for a day.

Tomorrow:  Teacher Michael Grubar’s perspective.

Thursday:  Student Emilee Pease’s personal thoughts on the day.

I had the opportunity to shadow a student, Nae Nae. I wanted to say thanks to her for allowing me to tag around with her all day; I really had a great day!  

Going into the day I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We started off the day in period 1 with an activity, which engaged the whole class and I finished the day working on some math and a worksheet.

After attending seven classes, staying engaged, and trying to remember material I have learned from high school and college long ago, I was really tired after the day. Going around Centennial for a day helped me see how much our students really do in school.  

Every class had a task of something to do. If I stayed on track and focused through the class I could get the work done, if I zoned out for a minute or two, I got behind.

I am proud of the students of Centennial; in every class I was in, learning was the focus. Well done teachers also, each class had great lessons, which were executed masterfully, and I really enjoyed the progression of the classes. Nice Job Centennial. I really would recommend this for other teachers. What a great experience!