First-Come, First-Served FAFSA Process Remains Open

First-Come, First-Served FAFSA Process Remains Open

Ava Fischer, Staff Writer

The FAFSA process opened October 1. FAFSA stands for free applications for federal aid and is a program that supports students who are not fortunate enough  to pay for college out of pocket.

FAFSA applications have opened and the earlier students apply for it, the more likely they are to get financial aid. It is basically a first-come, first-serve program.  

FAFSA has an interesting way of working.  The program tries to be as fair as possible, so they base the amount of support awarded by how much income families have.

FAFSA gives families with higher needs more money.  It is major support for poverty families so everyone can have a chance to get into college.

Vice Principal Laura Scully said, “The whole idea is that the government will help make up for what the cost of school is and what your family can’t pay.”

FAFSA can help you get into your dream school.  They can cover the difference between a regular school and your dream school.  It’s very easy to apply but you have to do it soon before the program doesn’t have any money left to offer.

Scully has been raffling off Class of 2018 merchandise for students who have completed FAFSA.

Applying for FAFSA does not guarantee financial support, but not applying guarantees that a student won’t get financial aid, said Scully.