Turning The Tables: Teachers Shadow Students



BJ Basinski and Emilee Pease having fun. Basinski enjoyed shadowing Pease for a day.

Emilee Pease, Staff Writer

In mid-October Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre created the opportunity for four teachers to shadow a student for the day. Over the next four days The Talon will run those teacher’s perspectives of that experience.

Today:  Part 1  BJ Basinski

Monday:  Part 2 Julia Kirkpatrick

Tuesday:  Part 3 Tim Roupp

Wednesday:  Part 4 Michael Grubar

Thursday:  Student Emilee Pease’s experience

Those stupid blue chairs!  After sitting through my sixth class, I finally began to understand why my students always want to lean back in their chairs.  Those horrible blue chairs are so uncomfortable I almost feel sorry for you students.  I was asked if I wanted to shadow a student for a day and I thought it would be an interesting experience.  I chose to follow Emilee Pease, a sophomore.

Emilee and I started in Math class, which couldn’t be a worse subject for me.  I usually try to avoid the math wing at all costs but was forced to enter Debbie Dube’s room.  We completed a review sheet and I think I managed to get one correct answer.  Next we were off to Honors English where Vanderpool made me take a quiz about Frida Kahlo (which I don’t think I passed). Next stop was Chemistry before lunch. 

At lunch, I acted like a scared freshman and sat with Emilee on the edge of the chaotic cafeteria.  I helped sell pumpkins for FBLA then just sat and watched all the groups of students at tables.  After lunch it we attended French class.  Obviously I had no idea what was going on as I tried to help Emilee study for a quiz the following day.  The best part was learning a few bad words in French, which I promptly tried to use on Roweena Poirier. 

My day was almost over with a grueling Yoga class where I showed a few surprised students that an out of shape 44-year-old can complete a few yoga moves. I finished my day in A.P. US History learning about Hamilton. 

I had a few takeaways from my day shadowing a student.  First of all, our teachers do a great job of engaging students.  I commented to a lot of people it is difficult to “hide” in the classrooms.  I also got a student’s perspective of passing time and think I can appreciate or empathize with my students when they are a few seconds late as there is a lot going on in the hallway, getting to a locker, or finding a bathroom.  Overall, I really enjoyed my day as a student at Centennial.   The classes were engaging, the teachers were friendly and willingly work with students, and our student body is very accepting of all students – especially one in me that should have graduated from high school a few years ago.  Oh, and truly do hate those horrible blue chairs…