No Costumes on Halloween? Really?


Ava Fischer, Staff Writer

Halloween is a time for people to dress up, be themselves, and show their creativity through costumes.  Unfortunately, Centennial High School students and staff will be unable to wear costumes this year due to a “No Costume” rule.

  Students and staff are angered and talking about it. Officer Erickson said,”I think it’s an outrage. First they ban costumes, then ban eagle gear, then fun!  The next; step-mandated uniforms.”

 Furious student, Katee Early, added some wise words,¨I think it´s pointless and stupid. I think it’s because people are butthurt about everything generally.¨

   Students were left without any information.  The school just dropped a huge, bummer rule against a favorite holiday with no context.  Nobody knows exactly why the rule started, but everybody has their guesses.

 Many students think is a response to The Great Clown Outbreak of ‘16, others think it’s because of offensive costumes.  Most staff think believe that it’s based on dress code; costumes can include hats, face paint, revealing, or culturally offensive pieces.

 Some people in past years decided to show up in these inappropriate costumes.  “I feel bad, but unfortunately there are a few that ruin it for all,” said secretary Shelley Johnson.

 Even when students are told it can offend other people´s culture, students have a compelling argument. Sophomore Becca Crosse said, ¨I am outraged, I feel oppressed.¨  

 Friend Hailey Rosenblad said, ¨It´s part of my culture,” and any students identify with this quote.  

 Halloween is just another holiday that they have a right to celebrate based on their culture. Some even feel like it’s blocking their freedom. ¨We should be able to express ourselves,¨ complained Sierra Pinheiro.

 Students just want to be able to actually enjoy school. Owen Olsen asked, ¨How am I supposed to wear my Power Ranger bodysuit?¨

 ¨It´s kind of stupid, we should embrace the holiday and have a fun day at school,¨ said Alexandra Restrepo.

 Even though most of the students and staff feel that it is a ridiculous rule, but others don’t seem to mind. Unconcerned security guard, Brian Grose, said,¨Why even have it? The new rule makes everyone happy.¨

 The new rule is in effect, but students will not rest. ¨It´s upsetting that we can’t show our Halloween spirit,¨ said sophomore Maddie Mchone.  

 Even if you do not like the new rule, please do not show up to school in costume as you will be sent home.