Winter Sports Clearance Underway

The online form.

The online form.

To play winter sports this year at Centennial High School students need to complete the winter sports form and register online in order to be eligible to participate and play. The form will be found at the Athletic Office.

The things that the form will include are a standard fee for everyone that wants to play which is $160, unless the individual has free or reduced lunch which lowers the price. That process already has to have already happened though, and the student should have already applied for free or reduced lunch.

Also the student needs to have a balance of $0 with the bookkeeper and not have any fees that have not been paid at the school.

A physical also has to be on file from the past two years, if it is longer than that it has expired and the student will have to get a new one immediately. Along with the physical a health history form will need to be completed.

Three electronic documents will also have to filled out on the website . To do this they will need to go on the home page menu on the upper right side, then point the cursor to “For Parents” and have to click “Log In” on the menu and then have to drop down the menu to select “OR” then select Centennial School District. From there on they will have to click the blue button on the bottom of the page that says “Start Online Forms” and then click “No, Create New Account”. All other information will be on the winter sports form that can guide everyone that needs help.

Academics will be a big part of the form as well, the person registering has to have passed at least five classes from the previous semester. If they passed five classes from the previous semester but had two F’s they will need to take mandatory study hall and be placed on academic probation. Also if they are below a 2.0 GPA for the current semester they will be placed on academic probation and be monitored.

The due date for the winter sports form is the November 13.