Australians Need Welcomes!



Rowena Poirier holding up an Australian poster board from last year. She is one of the main instructors in charge of matching up Australians with host families.

Ajla Salkic, Staff Writer

Want to experience a once and a lifetime opportunity to meet someone from a different part of the world? Sign up to host an Australian! Students can get applications from Rowena Poirier in room 168 or Jimmy Mei in room 146.

“It’s a chance for students to learn about a new culture and could open their eye on a new perspective,” said Poirier.

Students can make friends and can even have the chance to travel and stay with their family and show them the best parts of Australia. It would be a lot cheaper to stay with them.

Hosts have a chance to learn as much as the visitors, said Poirier.  “Learning new things about their culture, learning new vocabulary, the difference between their English and our English learn different and similarities,” said Poirier.

The applications have a biography on the back to explain what Australian guests like to do and what kind of person they are. This is how Australians are matched up, and they try to match hosts up the best they can based on the biographies.

At the end of the stay, usually students are crying because a really deep relationship has been formed.

“You don’t have to have the nicest house and you don’t have to be over the top expensive, they’re only here for the experience, they want to know how we, Americans live,” said Poirier.

Centennial only has eight applications in but is in need of 40, so if students have anymore questions, more information will be in the application or students can talk to Poirier or Mei.