Puerto Rico Deserves Better


Lucas Luther, Cub Reporter

Puerto Rico was recently hit by a Category 3 hurricane, devastating the entirety of the island and leaving millions without resources or hope that federal actions will be made a priority.  As the most powerful hurricane to directly hit Puerto Rico in almost a century, Maria introduced her destructive force to the island on September 20th. Throughout the following week, she continued her path of destruction as she ravaged her way up the island’s shoreline.  As of Sept. 30th, 80% of the island’s agricultural farmland has been eroded, 40% of the island’s population is without drinkable water and 98% of the population has no access to electricity according to the New York Times.  In early June Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy, this country was in a poor state prior to the hurricane, but the conditions of Puerto Rico after Maria will make restoration of the island and it’s economy far more difficult.

Whether he’s been playing golf, or criticizing NFL players, something seems to have been distracting President Trump over the past week.  After days of what seemed to be hesitation, Trump agreed to temporarily waive off restrictions on foreign vessels delivering supplies to Puerto Rico.  In addition to this generous act, a three star general has been appointed to focus on fast distribution of emergency supplies.  Yes these are beneficial but more effort must be put forth.  Nearly 10,000 boxes of medicine, food and water are stuck In San Juan deemed undeliverable due to a shortage of truck drivers and gas.  The majority of roads are either flooded, or blocked off by trees and other debris.

The Trump administration is preventing multiple members of congress access to military transports intended to deliver supplies.  In reference to Texas and Florida, Governor Ricardo Roselló said “We can’t be treated differently.” Right now many lives depend on what the U.S. Government does next.  If the distress of Puerto Rico is not as receptive as were Texas and Florida, Roselló warns of a, “Massive exodus of Puerto Rican citizens.”