Many Teachers Earn High Flyer Award



Teacher BJ Basinski has been honored with the High Flyer Award twice. Basinski teachers social studies and coaches football and girls basketball.

Cameron Chin, Staff Writer

The High Flyer Award shows a way to say thank you to CHS staff members for doing a great job in the CHS community.  It recognizes those who go “above and beyond” the call of duty.

There are two winners for each month and whoever wins the award gets to keep the Eagle statue for the month, then nominates the next winner.

Late last year the rules changed so that one award is now presented by a student; the other is still nominated by the previous staff member who won it.

Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre said, “We wanted students to have a voice.”

The most recent winner of the high flyer award was Anne Haverkamp; she will nominate the next recipient at the next faculty meeting.

Here is a list of past winners:


September 2016

  • Michael Grubar (Presented by Brice Cloyd)
  • Rob Havrilla (Presented by Rod Lundgren)

October 2016

  • Tim Wells (Presented by Michael Grubar)
  • BJ Basinski (Presented by Rob Havrilla) When I asked BJ Basinski what the award meant to him he said, “I’m almost as good as John Poetsch”

November 2016

  • Ehren Schneider (Presented by Tim Wells and BJ Basinski)
  • Adriann Hardin (Presented by Jordan Peacock and Jamie


December 2016

  • Kasey Church (Presented by Jeremiah Rush)
  • Derek Nagy (Presented by Ehren Schneider)

January 2017

  • Brice Cloyd (Presented by student, Gavin Lickey)
  • CHS Security (Presented by Derek Nagy)

February 2017

  • Trish Dorning (Presented by CHS Security)
  • Gladis Faris (Presented by students)

March 2017

  • Cory Brooke-deBock(Presented by student Angeline Navarro)
  • Mary Mannen (Presented by Trish Dorning)

April 2017

  • Pat Deale (Presented by Emanuel Gurzhuy)
  • Jennifer Morgan (Presented by Mary Mannen)

May 2017

  • Rob Havrilla (Presented by Jennifer Morgan)
  • Stacie Fleck (Presented by a Kasandra Wickstrom)

June 2017

  • John Poetsch (Presented by Rob Havrilla)
  • Ben Petersen (Presented by Haily Gabriel)


September 2015

  • Deena Currie (Presented by Rowena Poirier)
  • Ried Woodlee (Presented by Ben Petersen)

October 2015

  • Reed Schwalbach (Presented by Deena Currie)
  • Mary Mannen (Presented by Ried Woodlee)

November 2015

  • Ian Parks (Presented by Reed Schwalbach)
  • Kate Dean (Presented by Mary Mannen)

December 2015

  • Jeremy Williamson (Presented by Ian Parks)
  • Lorrie McKedy (Presented by Kate Dean)

January 2016

  • Anna Cirbo (Presented by Lorrie McKedy) When I asked Anna Cirbo what the award meant to her she said, “Nice to be recognized by people who appreciate you, Go Broncos!”

    Technology teacher Anna Cirbo was awarded the High Flyer Award in January, 2016. Cirbo currently has a class that is revamping the school website.
  • Kayci Emry (Presented by Jeremy Williamson)

February 2016

  • Linda Curtis (Presented by Anna Cirbo)
  • Debbie Dube (Presented by Kayci Emry)

March 2016

  • Mick Nelson (Presented by Linda Curtis)
  • Joe Brown (Presented by Debbie Dube)

April 2016

  • Kristy Ree (Presented by Mick Nelson)
  • Donna Cochran (Presented by Joe Brown)

May 2016

  • Luke Franzke (Presented by Kristy Ree)
  • Kellie McCarty (Presented by Donna Cochran)

June 2016

  • Brice Cloyd (Presented by Kristy Ree)
  • Rod Lundgren (Presented by Luke Franzke)

2014/15 winners:

September 2014

  • Matt Moccardine (Presented by Kevin Ricker)
  • Cafeteria Staff (Presented by Kathy Schiedler & Yevette Hewes)

October 2014

  • Stan Thompson (Presented by Matt Moccardine)
  • Office Secretaries (Presented by Cafeteria Staff)

November 2014

  • Justin Rosenblad (Presented by Stan Thompson)
  • John Hawley (Presented by Office Secretaries)

December 2014

  • Danna Nelson (Presented by John Hawley)
  • Jeff Bjorn (Presented by Justin Rosenblad)

January 2015

  • No staff meeting

February 2015

  • Kate Martin (presented by Danna Nelson)
  • Craig Watts (presented by Jeff Bjorn)

March 2015

  • Rana Houshmand (presented by Kate Martin)
  • Julie Hilsenteger (presented by Craig Watts)

April 2015

  • Jim Johnson (Presented by Kellie McCarty)
  • Debbie Dube(Presented by Ross Cottrell)

May 2015

  • No Presentation

June 2015

  • Rowena Poirier (Presented by Jim Johnson)
  • Ben Petersen (Presented by Debbie Dube)


September 2013

  • Judy Hartwig (Presented by Mark Watts)
  • Cynthia Vena (Presented by Suzi Gurney)

October 2013

  • Elizabeth Shoda (Presented by Judy Hartwig)
  • Jeremy Williamson (Presented by Cynthia Vena)

November 2013

  • Jeri DeLoss (Presented by Jeremy Williamson)
  • Craig Watts (Presented by Liz Shoda)

December 2013

  • Jeff Stanek (Presented by Kevin Ricker)
  • Laura Scully (Presented by Craig Watts)
  • (Chris Knudsen presented by Mike Henderson)
  • (Kasey Church presented by Anne Haverkamp)

March 2014

  • (Piroska Balogh presented by Kasey Church)
  • (Luke Franzke presented by Chris Knudsen)

April 2014

  • Carolyn Smithee (presented by Piroska Balogh)
  • Gail Casteel (Presented by Luke Franzke)

May 2014

  • Lynn Wren (presented by Carolyn Smithee)
  • Joe Massey (presented by Gail Casteel)

June 2014

  • Lori Lancaster (Presented by Lynn Wren)
  • Yevette Hewes and Kathy Schiedler (Presented by Joe Massey)


October 2012

  • Presenter -Kevin Ricker (given to Rick Larson)

November 2012

  • Presenter – Kevin Ricker (given to Wanda Moore)

December 2012

  • Presenter – Wanda Moore (given to Stephanie Core and Tami Burton)

January 2013

  • (Tami Burton presented to Trish Dorning) (Stephanie Core presented to

Brad Ritschard)

February 2013

  • (Trish Dorning presented to Lorna MacPherson and Brad Ritschard presented to Kathy Thiebes)

March 2013

  • (Kathy Thiebes presented to Kate Martin)

March 2013

  • (Lorna MacPherson presented to Michael Grubar)

May 2013

  • (Michael presented to Rob Harvilla, Kate presented to Phil Huff)

June 2013

  • (Rob Havrilla presented to Mark Watts, Phil Huff presented to Suzi Gurney)


September 2011

  • Chris Knudsen (nominated by Gregg Holstrom)

October 2011

  • Gregg Holstrom (nominated by Mark Watts)

November 2011

  • Mark Watts (nominated Julie Hilsenteger)

December 2011

  • Julie Hilsenteger (nominated Stephanie Core)

January 2012

  • Stephanie Core (nominated Suzanne Morgan)

February 2012

  • Suzanne Morgan (nominated Shelley Johnson)

March 2012

  • Shelley Johnson (nominated Brandon Coupe)

April 2012

  • Brandon Coupe (nominated Pat Deale)

May 2012

  • Pat Deale (nominated Ian Parks)


August 2010

  • Tami Burton

September 2010

  • Chris Coleman

October 2010

  • Sharon Hall

November 2010

  • Greg Melvin

December 2010

  • Tim Roupp

January 2011

  • BJ Basinski

February 2011

  • Nicole Johnston

March 2011

  • Kristin Klotter

April 2011

  • Kellie McCarty

May 2011

  • Custodians

June 2011

  • Chris Knudsen