Food For Families Makes a Difference



Food for Families participates in Homecoming.

Have you ever wanted to help out someone in need?

That’s what Food For Families is all about.

The motto on the website of this organization reflects the goal of the students who volunteer, “In a compassionate and dignified community, Food for Families will gather, store, and distribute food at no cost to people in our community.”

Food For Families runs throughout the school year, every second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in the back parking lot of the school.

According to Olivia Harms, an FBLA Officer and Feature Editor of The Talon, every other week there are about 10 students who sacrifice their time to make people’s day with food by helping to distribute it.

To prepare for every other Wednesday, students retrieve food from the Oregon Food Pantry as well as surrendering time during the school day to set up the bus and ramp.

Harms agreed with the statement that spreading kindness is why Food For Families was created, “My favorite thing about it is giving back to the community and having fun with friends while doing it,¨ said Harms.

Tony Martinez, Food for Families Pantry Coordinator, also had a strong opinion about the mission, “My favorite part is seeing regulars come by and just seeing them be happy.”

To volunteer or donate, simply talk to Adriann Hardin in room 107, visit their website or make a stop in the main office to drop off food that could make someone’s whole day turn around.