Nesbitt Takes Over Student Store; Changes Ahead



The student store is undergoing many changes including a new advisor, Jeremy Nesbitt.

Adnan Agic, Staff Writer

The revamped student store is being overseen by Jeremy Nesbitt this year at Centennial High School.

However with that comes changes, especially to the apparel. There will be new designs for shirts and along with lower prices to make it more affordable, said Nesbitt.

Also, a big part of the apparel this year is that there will be student submissions. Nesbitt said, “This year we’re trying to get back to what we were, we also want to incorporate students opinions and designs into our gear.”

If anyone has designs that they think would be great additions to the apparel visit Nesbitt for more information.

Other than apparel the student store will also be offering more drinks, and serving the drinks and vending machine snacks. So instead of getting them stuck when paying at a vending machine they can be bought at the student store without worrying about it getting stuck.

If students want to join or help with the student store, there is now a class that runs the student store. Students have to take the class their first year and then in their second year they will be aloud to help and participate in it.

The main goal of this new look student store is “for everyone to have their eagle gear and represent the school,” said Nesbitt.

For any additional information about the student store, visit Nesbitt in room 109.