Eagles Face 2-0 Gophers Tonight

Things didn’t go as planned on Friday as the Eagles swallowed a tough loss to Oregon City.

Head Coach Chris Knudsen reflected on the game saying, “We tried to take away the run,” but an older and more experienced Oregon City team was “hard to defend with the speed they had.”

Andres Pinzon

Knudsen does not by any means tolerate excuses, however he did notice the team came out a little flat and with a lower intensity than usual as the Eagles were playing with a heavy heart due to the unbelievable tragedy that occurred earlier in the week, “You can just feel it,” Knudsen said, referring to a car accident the night before that involved three 2017 graduates.   Nick Lyngheim was killed, Henry Button was left in critical condition. Adam Bounphansay was released from the hospital after receiving treatment.

Tonight the Eagles take on the Gresham Gophers for the annual homecoming game. Knudsen said, “We have a little bit of a winning streak” against the Gophers but this year it’s different. The 2-0, confident Gresham team, has a good amount of third year starters with experience. Knudsen emphasizes that stopping the run and forcing to throw will be key.

Kaiden Lansford

Historically speaking, when the Eagles give up two or more turnovers they struggle and don’t do too well. “Turnovers have killed us,” Knudsen says. The Eagles will need to capitalize tonight to get back on track and where they want to be.