Newlywed Murry Honeymoons at CHS



Ryan Murry

Olivia Harms , Feature Editor


Ryan Murry’s fourth year of teaching will be at Centennial as he has joined the science department.  He is excited for the challenge to teach chemistry.

He previously taught at Moorpark in southern California.  “My wife and I needed a change.  We both have been in Moorpark our whole lives and we needed a change of scene, and Portland was the place we saw and that we liked,”  said Murry.  

Murry got married  on July 8, then he and his wife moved to Oregon.  “These past few months has been quite a whirlwind of events,”  Murry said.

Some of Murry’s hobbies include, “Hiking and camping, Connect Four, as weird as that sounds.  I like going to the movies, and listening to music.”

“I am excited to be here so far, school is good; the kids are good, I’m looking forward to a good year here,” Murry shared.