A Gopher Becomes An Eagle



Mike Wohlers

Sonam Phuntsok, Staff Writer

It is a well known fact that the rivalry among the schools in the Mount Hood Conference is very strong. One takes much pride in their school and is extremely competitive.  With that being said, Mike Wohlers previously Gresham Gopher as a student, is now a PE and Yoga teacher at Centennial High School.

This is Wohlers second year of teaching after having previously taught PE and Health at Gordon Russell Middle School. “I grew up around here and know the area, It’s a good high school and I like the kids and staff,” he said.

Outside of school Wohlers is a very active person.  He likes to travel, wakeboard and also keep his fitness up by going to the gym. Additionally, another interest Wohlers has outside of teaching is coaching basketball.

Wohlers said he is excited for the year ahead and his future at Centennial.