Christie Lands Full Time Teaching Position



Kevin Christie.

Cameron Chin , Staff Writer

While he is not a new face, he is in a new position. This is Kevin Christie’s first full year as a teacher at Centennial High School.

Christie was a security guard for four years at Centennial then took over last year as a substitute social studies teacher when Justin Rosenblad passed away.  
Christie had been the head baseball coach for four years but recently resigned so he could balance his coaching, teaching and family needs.

“I chose Centennial because I grew up and went to school here,” Christie said.

Christie has been in the community his whole life which had a big impact on his decision to stay in the school district.

Christie is married to his wife Neketa, and has two daughters; Eleanor, 3 and Charlotte, 1. He also has two dogs and a variety of farm animals.

Some of Christie’s hobbies are coaching high school sports such as football and girls basketball. Christie also enjoys spending time with his family, and also outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting.