League Play Opens Tonight For 1-1 Eagles



Several Eagle football players look on anxiously as the team plays last week against Newberg in a 56-27 loss to the Tigers.

David Kunda, Staff Writer

The Eagle football team currently stands at 1-1 as it heads into tonight’s opening MHC game at Oregon City.  

After a satisfying win against Radford from Hawaii, the Eagles suffered a tough defeat to Newberg the following week.

Head Coach Chris Knudsen said one of the the positives from the loss by describing the 20 play, 10-minute drive that resulted in a touchdown after halftime.

He also notes the  “lack of experience” has had an effect on the squad. Preparation for Friday’s opponent, Oregon City, won’t be simple.   

“Containment of their athletic offense” will be key, said Knudsen. Oregon City’s star players include Teron Bradford who is a speedster receiver along with a talented quarterback in Austin Bonner.

Knudsen says “Controlling the ball and penalties” is something that the Eagles need to work on to be successful. He also states that he believes the league is stronger than last year as other teams have returning seniors and athletic playmakers.

Knudsen’s goals are to “Improve every week. And just be a competitive ballclub.”

The Eagles will be relying in part on two sophomores to keep the team headed in the right direction as leading rusher Jimmie Barton and quarterback Kaiden Lansford are key offensive pieces.