Spanish Department Welcomes Well-Rounded, Fun Teacher



Amalia Carter.

Emilee Pease , Staff Writer

Amalia Carter has taught in three different states including Florida, California and Oregon. She moved to Centennial because it gave her the opportunity to teach AP courses and she heard good things about the school.  

Carter enjoys being an Eagle so far, “I love Centennial because the teachers are very helpful and friendly.   The students are respectful and want to learn.”

She really enjoys nature and the outdoors, which is one of the reasons why she moved to Oregon.

The weather and traffic played a part in Carter disliking Florida and California.  “The traffic was horrible and so was the weather.  Especially the hurricanes.”

Outside of school she enjoys working in her garden with plants and flowers,  as well as spending time with her family.  She really enjoyed going to Mexico this summer to visit them.

The family she has here in Oregon includes her 22-year-old daughter and 2 nieces.

Carter teaches with a purpose. She believes that, “Everyone has a mission in this life and mine is teaching students.  I want to help them succeed in life and be happy.”