Scott-Schwalbach Takes 2 Years Leave To Work With OEA



Reed Scott-Schwalbach.

Reed Scott-Schwalbach is taking a leave of absence to be State Vice-President of Oregon Education Association  after 18 years of teaching at Centennial. She’ll be gone for two years, in which another teacher will be hired temporarily until Scott-Schwalbach’s return at the end of her position with OEA.

At CHS, Scott-Schwalbach started her union career as a building representative which involved meeting with the principal and problem solving with teachers with contract issues. Scott-Schwalbach was then announced President of Centennial Education Association, and worked with bargaining as well as grievance.

She says she recently ran for her current state position due to the funds cut for art, language, and overall all elective classes. “I didn’t feel good conscience and just couldn’t sit back no more,” said Scott-Schwalbach.

“One thing that has always pulled me into the Union was the need to speak out about the needed improvements for the staff and students of Centennial,” she said.

Her main goal is to secure and stabilize adequate funds for schools. She will be working with legislators and tax measures to get more money.

Scott-Schwalbach will be representing 45,000 Oregon Education Association K-12 members, classified people such as bus drivers, college professors and cafeteria staff.

“I’ll miss coming to school everyday and not being able to see my students or colleagues, but I’ll be back,” said Scott-Schwalbach.

“I’m happy that she’s going to be serving and has this opportunity to grow. I’m definitely going to miss her as a colleague and friend,” said Rowena Poirier, French teacher and longtime colleague.