McKedy Moves To Hillsboro High



Lorrie McKedy.

After working with the school for 10 years, counselor Lorrie McKedy is leaving to take a similar position at Hillsboro High School.


McKedy started as a counselor and ended with co-teaching a school program called Freshmen Success with Deena Currie or three years.  The main goal of the program is to “work with students to help support and get them through school,” and the two have been a powerful combination.


Students in the past claim to have enjoyed the class and continue to go back for advice and support.  “For me, I’ve been really proud of the work Ms. Currie does, and the students, too.  The Juniors that were in the program are back as peer tutors, helping students.”


McKedy says former students still come to school to visit and many message her about their accomplishments in life such as, graduating college, having a baby, going into the military, or getting married.  As a counselor, McKedy played a large role in helping students with school and hopes that she has affected her students in a similar way as a Freshmen Success teacher.


Being able to see students achieve their goals makes McKedy very prideful and proud that she could help them move in the right direction.  Being able to see her students achieve their goals is a memorable moment for her every time that it happens.


McKedy has seen a lot of positive changes at CHS in 10 years.  One in particular is school  spirit.  When she first began, CHS gear was commonly found only on teachers instead of students, but as the years went on, students took more part in showing their school spirit.


Working with CHS has changed McKedy a lot as an individual, “There have been a lot of ups and downs,” she said.  “I’ve had some great moments here and then I’ve had some moments that have really had to spark change.  Just going through grief, losing staff members, dealing with stuff with students that (was) really hard and that you don’t want anyone to go through, I think,  has forever changed me.”  


McKedy said she takes working with every student as a privilege and tries her best to help every one of them in some kind of positive way.


McKedy had a daughter, Tess, five years ago and worked part time after she was born.  She and her husband Brad have three children as of now.


McKedy and Currie try their best to make themselves available to students in need of assistance in every way imaginable.  Their top goal is to have every student that they help, walk away knowing what they need to do or knowing of another way to get help.


McKedy said the move to Hillsboro High  is a job that is much closer to home and allows her to work full time.