Personal Look: Rhys Talks Baseball


Senior catcher Rhys Atkinson will be writing a personal column about the baseball team throughout the year.

While our pre season was very unsuccessful, it proved to us that when we are focused on every single pitch of the game, we can win a lot of games. This season we have already played in six games that were decided by 3 runs or less. In those games if we were completely focused on what was happening in the game, we probably could’ve came out on top.

Also we only have 19 runs scored this season, and we are still competing in just about every game. If we can get our bats to work, we will have completely different outcomes in our games, and be a very dangerous team.

On the other hand, our Arizona trip was great. Going to the spring training games was a blast because we all got a chance to see some of our favorite players, Francisco Lindor, Rougned Odor, Anthony Rizzo, and others. Also, the Wet and Wild Water Park was a great way to loosen the team up, and helped us build team chemistry.

Considering the first time we went down to Arizona my sophomore year was very unsuccessful, it was a lot better this time in terms of baseball. In 2015 we lost every game, but this year we beat one team, Desert Edge High School, 3-1 with Dawson Day on the mound, and lost to one of the best teams in Arizona, Verrado High School, 3-2, due to a walkoff single.

This season we started league with a 3-1 win over Oregon City, but fell short the next two games following that, Oregon City, 6-2, and Clackamas, 5-0. After laying an egg against Clackamas in the first game of the series we came back out and split games with them which was very good for us considering they’re one of the best teams in Oregon. Dawson Day had an incredible game allowing no runs, and hitting two doubles, leading us to a 1-0 win on Monday night.

Our next series will be against Reynolds High School on Wednesday at 5 pm at home, and Friday at 5 pm at Reynolds Middle School.