Tying Attendance to Prom Makes Sense

Personal Opinion: Baseem Saad

Baseem Saad

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Baseem Saad

Baseem Saad , Staff Writer

Due to low attendance rate for juniors and seniors, Centennial is making a 85% attendance requirement from February through April to go to prom in 2017.

In doing so the school hopes to boost attendance and increase rate of graduation, as attendance is a very important.

Often times in classes “being there is half the battle,” so it’s not to surprise that attendance is required for certain school events.

Being there for information is crucial.  Learning is obviously important.  So, it makes sense that  the school put forth an 85% attendance requirement for prom.

This new policy opens the door to allow for future changes hopefully increase in school involvement.

Not being at school makes it difficult to actually succeed and giving students a motive for coming to school should be an effective way to increase attendance and overall student success.

When going to a school dance, it helps to actually go to school. Part of the reason 2nd semester attendance is so bad is because there is nothing to motivate people to come to school, and students are longing for summer.

By adding a reason to come to school every day, students are more likely to not only to come to school but get more doing in class.  This policy is good because it has the potential to increase our already high graduation rate.