Is Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration Constitutional?

Is Trumps Executive Order On Immigration Constitutional?

Hannah Bowlen and Baseem Saad

In early 2017, newly elected President Trump issued an executive act banning immigrants from seven countries that have been deemed dangerous by the Obama administration. Is this constitutional? Why or why not?
Note:  Three judges have since overturned Trump, but is reported to be issuing a second order soon. 

(All photos by Ben Carscallen)

“It’s unconstitutional because of the establishment clause in the First Amendment.”
“Unconstitutional because it takes a person’s rights.”
GREG MELVIN, Dean of Students
“We are a nation built on immigration, and I feel everyone should have the opportunity to make it in the U.S.”
DREW KLIEN, Freshman
“Unconstitutional. All men and women are created equal, and freedom is a right.”
“I think it is constitutional, except for those with green cards. They have due process rights.”
DOUG PAUL, Teacher
“Unlike seemingly everyone else these days, I’m not a constitutional scholar. Rather than constitutional, it strikes me as incredibly un-american and ungenerous. Constitutional? I suppose we’ll find out. The Constitution is like the Bible, it is up for different perceptions. That is how it has been able to keep the peace for so long.”
LYNN WREN, Teacher
“Absolutely not. He’s gonna try to rewrite it, but the courts said it isn’t constitutional!”
“I don’t know that we know the whole story. I don’t know if blocking travel will protect us, I don’t know enough on the Constitution.”
JOE MASSEY, Security
“I don’t think it is constitutional. How can he do that? What about people who live here and go visit and try to come back? Will they be detained? It doesn’t make sense.”
“No, I think Trump is being a sort of racist. I thought America was for everyone.”