Rosenblad Kicks Cancer’s Butt!


K Vawter Photo

Teacher Justin Rosenblad, shown here Monday, was supposed to be undergoing stomach cancer surgery soon. However, on Friday, Rosenblad was declared cancer free after a 10-month battle.

Social Studies teacher and soccer coach Justin Rosenblad has recently announced that he is cancer free! This news comes less than a year after his diagnosis of three types of stomach cancer last spring.

“I feel amazing, this is the best result I could ever get,”  he said at lunch today.

Here is the message he sent to Centennial staff members early Monday morning:
I wanted to pass on the amazing news, as of this moment I’m cancer free. My full gastrectomy was scheduled for Feb 7th. They decided to push it back to Feb 14th to do a couple tests. My CT and ultrasound came back negative and the pathology from my endoscopy also came back negative, with no signs of cancer. My surgeon said with those results which they are calling “total response to chemo” is the best possible news for me and my family. My case is going to be submitted to the Exceptional Response Tumor Board so they can try to figure out why I had this response when most people don’t. The surgeon that performed my endoscopy said he has “never seen this before ever.” Along with everything else I have been doing the biggest contributing factor I believe is the support of my family and all the people who have been supporting me through this very difficult last year. THANK YOU! Thank you for the prayers, energy, messages and donations!! No way I can mention everyone here but thanks to my wife Denise Rosenblad and my girls, the social studies department, Jared Walker with Dollar for Portland, the Centennial HS staff and students, AD Brent Child, Steven Baker, Centennial District Office, and the larger Centennial community!!!