Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

27 Staff Members Work in the Halls They Once Roamed as a Centennial Student.


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“Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle” rang true for 27 Eagle alumni who graduated between 1974 and 2010 as they now work in the same halls they once roamed. There are no official records kept about these sort of things, but an informal East-County poll of schools shows that most schools have only three or four alumni working in their buildings. “I believe it’s a reflection on the community. As students graduate, they want to come back and give students the great experience that they had,” said Assistant Principal Mark Porterfield, who graduated in 1974. Twenty-one of the grads are pictured here. Read below to see a story on each of them. Editor’s Note: For personal reasons, one alumni declined to participate in this story.

Ira Buzhduga, Baseem Saad, and Olivia Harms

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Joe Mallon, Night Custodian – 1974 Graduate.

Joe Mallon

Mallon has been working at CHS for 24 years. His favorite thing about school was the people and sports. He also enjoyed going to games and dances. Mallon was involved in track and cross country when he was in high school. One thing Mallon misses about high school is being around his friends. He says, “Have fun in high school!”

Mark Porterfield, Assistant Principal – 1974 Graduate.

Mark Porterfield

Porterfield has been working at CHS for 33 years. As a student, Porterfield was a member of choir, football, basketball and track. When he was a student, his favorite things about Centennial were the atmosphere, athletes, teachers, and coaches. He currently still holds the record for triple-jump. Porterfield misses his friends from high school, game nights, and the competition. He saw himself as a teacher-coach or something in the business field. As he graduated, Porterfield had outstanding teachers and coaches that motivated him to get into the education field. Porterfield says, “Think good thoughts, say nice things, do good for others, everything comes back! Centennial High School is a great place because of outstanding students and staff. We are very lucky to be part of a fabulous school!”

Donna Cochran, Special Education Assistant – 1975 Graduate.

Donna Cochran

Cochran has been working at CHS for eight years. As a student, she enjoyed the homecoming floats and was a part of the social club. Cochran was a cheerleader and also did baton. She loved being a part of choir and the yearbook. One thing that Cochran misses about high school is going to Taco Bell with her friends during lunch and trying to get back on time! She says, “Work hard. Get involved. Keep involved. Keep Learning.”

Sue Gregory Special Education Assistant – 1975 Graduate.

Sue Gregory

Gregory began working at Centennial at the end of October of 2016. Gregory enjoyed being in choir, FBLA, NHS, Government and the Bike club. She didn’t see herself coming back to work at Centennial High School. She says, “It’s weird.”


Stephanie Core, Athletic Secretary – 1977 Graduate.

Stephanie Core

Core has been working at CHS for 12 years and at the District Office for 8 years. Core was not very involved in school as a student, and says she does not miss much about high school. Although she had  great teachers, she said she wouldn’t go back. She says, “You can do anything, you just have to try hard!”

Laura Berry, Special Education Assistant – 1978 Graduate.

Laura Berry

Berry has been working at CHS for nine years and at Lynch Wood for two years. Berry liked her teachers and enjoyed her psychology class. She was a part of the ski club and played basketball her freshman year. Berry worked in a medical office but later decided to come back and work at CHS. She says, “ People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Tami Burton, Secretary – 1979 Graduate

Tami Burton

Burton has been working at CHS for 27 years. As a student, band was very important to Burton. They traveled a lot; band was very big and busy. Burton also attended all of the games and activities. She misses most of the old traditions they had at CHS, and says they were fun. Burton never felt like she had to be about a certain job. She knew that she wanted to do something with youth and she got her wish. She says, “If you look for work that makes you happy the rest usually falls into place. Make the most of your time at CHS. It’s a great school.”

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Debbie Dube Math Teacher – 1979 Graduate.

Debbie Dube

Dube has been working at CHS for 33 years. She has been in the Centennial District from childhood. Dube attended Lynch View, Harold Oliver and Centennial High School. As a student she was a cheerleader, a member of student council and the National Honor Society.  Dube enjoys the energy that she gets from students at CHS. She likes teaching and cares deeply about Centennial. Dube loves the sense of community this school has because everyone cares about each other and feels connected. She says, “There’s a big difference between not knowing and not knowing ‘yet.’ You can always learn it if you want to.”

Jeff Stanek, S to W, Newspaper, and Yearbook Teacher – 1981 Graduate

Jeff Stanek

“There is obviously something very special about Centennial, for people to want to come back and work here,” says Stanek who has been working at CHS for 27 years. As a student, Stanek enjoyed writing and athletics. “I was in all of the newspaper, yearbook and photography classes and I played basketball, football and tennis at various points. I was never very good at them, but I enjoyed sports,” he said. In high school Stanek had thoughts of becoming an ESPN broadcaster or sportswriter, but his love for coaching led him to become a teacher. “This is the last time in your lives you will have this much protection from the real world,”  he said.  “Figure it out here so you can be successful later.”

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Greg Melvin, Dean of Students – 1982 Graduate.

Greg Melvin

Melvin has been working at CHS for 29 years. As a student, Melvin regrets not being as involved as he could have been. He wishes he would have pushed himself harder as a high school student and taken advantage of opportunities to get involved with staff members and peers outside of the classroom. However, Melvin was a member of the basketball program for four years. His favorite thing about Centennial was his senior year of basketball and the sellout crowds. Melvin misses all of the friends that he lost contact with through the years, and the staff who cared about him. Originally, Melvin was going to open his own sporting goods store. However, business classes showed him that he needed to look into something else. Melvin says, “Get your butt to class. All day, everyday!”

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Brent Child Athletic Director – 1984 Graduate.

Brent Child

Child has been working CHS for 26 years. As a student, Child loved all of the faculty and his friends. There was a great teaching staff which led him to go into education. Most of his time was taken up by either playing basketball and baseball, or studying. “There was a connection in high school with a wide variety of people and many fun times,” said Child. Originally, Child started out in business. Then he got to thinking that he loved sports, loved being around people and began to take classes which brought him back to CHS. Child says, “ You only go to high school once. Always do your best.”

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Mike Henderson, Social Studies Teacher – 1991 Graduate.

Mike Henderson

Henderson has been working at CHS for 21 years. As a student, Henderson participated in activities such as band and sports. He was a football and basketball player and competed in track and field. Henderson was also a member of the National Honor Society and the Lettermen Club. One thing that Henderson misses about high school is seeing the people he grew up with. He left high school knowing that he wanted to pursue teaching and coaching. Henderson says, “Find something you enjoy doing and pursue that.”

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Stacy Vanderpool, Language Arts Teacher – 1993 Graduate.

Stacy Vanderpool

Vanderpool has been working at CHS for 16 years. As a student, Vanderpool was actively involved throughout the school. She was Co-Editor of The Talon, Editor of the yearbook, wrestling statistician, a softball and volleyball player, a part of The Principal Advisory Committee and Student Council. Vanderpool misses not being able to learn in a traditional way; she loves learning. One thing Vanderpool regrets about high school is not being as social as she could’ve been. She says, “Try everything! Don’t do everything but try everything and see what you like.”


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Justin Rosenblad, Social Studies Teacher – 1994 Graduate.

Justin Rosenblad

Rosenblad has been working at CHS for 14 years. As a student, Rosenblad enjoyed the student environment and the staff, as well as the community. He played soccer and basketball, and also submitted some of his artwork to Aerie as well as being involved with the school newspaper. Rosenblad misses the freedom he had while he was in high school. Originally, Rosenblad wanted to be an artist. He says, “This school has so many programs and clubs, that students who want to be involved have many opportunities.”


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Timothy Roupp, Math Teacher – 1995 Graduate.

Timothy Roupp

Roupp has been working at CHS for 17 years. His favorite thing about high school as a student was the sports! The gym would be packed with school spirit. Roupp played football, basketball and baseball. He was also a part of the National Honor Society. Roupp misses the different type of stress he has as a high school student. Originally, he didn’t want to become a teacher but in his sophomore year of college he decided to go for it. Roupp says, “The pain of discipline is far better than the pain of regret.”


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Jeremiah Hansen, Math Teacher – 1996 Graduate.

Jeremiah Hansen

Hansen has been teaching at CHS for 16 years. As a student, Hansen played basketball and soccer. He enjoyed PE and was on the Track and Field team. Hansen misses playing sports in high school and the lack of responsibility he had as a student. “Make the most of your time given in high school. You won’t have this much freedom again as an adult,” says Hansen.


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Sasha Johnson, Special Education Teacher – 1999 Graduate.

Sasha Johnson

Johnson has been working at CHS for 10 years and has been coaching for 11 years.  She loves the students and staff here at Centennial, they are like family to her. As a student Johnson loved Social Studies and the overall environment of the school. She also enjoyed Track and Field, Volleyball and being in choir. Johnson misses the team aspects of high school and working together, however she does not miss the stress she had as a student. Originally, Johnson didn’t see herself coming back and working at the high school she attended, she got her Bachelor’s in History. Johnson says, “Take advantage of all their is to offer at this school.”


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Kevin Christie, Security – 2004 Graduate.

Kevin Christie

Christie has been working at CHS for 4 years and coaching for 10 years. As a student, Christie enjoyed playing football and baseball. Christie misses the lack of responsibility he had in high school. He says, “This place is great. There are so many people who work here that went to school here. Just a great family and atmosphere.” Christie never saw himself working at Centennial High School, he said “This is probably the last role I’d have imagined. I didn’t think I would be here.”  Christie is still coaching baseball, be he is not working at Centennial this semester because he is student teaching at Gresham High School.



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Elizabeth Shoda, Special Education Assistant – 2006 Graduate.

Elizabeth Shoda

Shoda has been working at CHS for five years. As a student, Shoda played softball and volleyball. She enjoyed fun activities including homecoming and Eagle Fest. As Shoda gets older, she says she is beginning to appreciate who she is  and the community she is in. Coming back as a staff member made her realize what she took for granted as a student. Shoda did not see herself becoming a teacher. She attended CAL and initially wanted to be a nurse however she later realized that nursing was not for her. Shoda says, “Honor who you are. It’s ok to not always fit in.”


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Emily Anderson, Special Education Assistant – 2007 Graduate.

Emily Anderson

Anderson has been working at CHS for three years. She first started working as a basketball coach and thought the atmosphere was cool. As a student, Anderson was involved in basketball, skills USA, NHS, soccer, softball and child care.. What Anderson misses about high school is not having to worry about being an adult and not having to worry about paying taxes. Her favorite memories from high school were Eagle Fest Week, SADD and Powder Puff.  Anderson is currently on a leave of absence as she is student teaching in a Portland Public Elementary School.

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Vanity Massey, Special Education Assistant – 2008 Graduate.

Vanity Massey

Massey began working at CHS in last fall. Her favorite thing about school was going to the assemblies and football games. As a student, Massey was involved in Leadership and varsity volleyball.


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Jimmy Mei, Math Teacher – 2008 Graduate.

Jimmy Mei

Mei has been working at CHS for two years. As a student, Mei enjoyed being in the marching band and getting to know all of his great teachers. He ran cross country and track and field and was also a member of the National Honor Society. Mei misses the student life. He misses the procrastination and the feeling of not wanting to go to school. Mei knew he wanted to come back to CHS to teach during his senior year. He says, “ There is no ‘can I’ or ‘can I not. ’ Just do it.”


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Allison Baker Special Education Assistant – 2009 Graduate.

Allison Baker

Baker just recently joined the Centennial staff. As a student, she liked all of her teachers and was a three sport athlete as she played soccer, softball and basketball. Baker misses learning and the culture of being a  student. Her teachers at CHS inspired and encouraged her to come back and teach. She says, “ Live up your time at high school. You only get one shot.”


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Jennifer Morgan, Math Teacher – 2009 Graduate

Jennifer Morgan

Morgan has been working at CHS for 3 years. As a student, Morgan was very involved in athletics. Played soccer, basketball, racquetball, softball, and track. In fact, she was the state champion for racquetball. She was also involved with National Honors Society (NHS). “My favorite part of high school was seeing my friends everyday,” said Morgan. Throughout high school, Morgan knew that she wanted to be a teacher but she found out later that she wanted to be a math teacher. Morgan is now very close with math teacher Debbie Dude, who was Morgan’s pre-calculus teacher in high school. She also married her high school sweetheart Alex Morgan, who she has been best friends with since eighth grade. This will be the only year that Morgan’s two siblings, (Freshman Cristina and senior Nick Lyngheim), will be in high school together with her.

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Alyssa Hall, Special Education Assistant – 2010 Graduate.

Alysaa Hall

This is Hall’s first year of working at Centennial High School. What she enjoyed about high school was feeling like she belonged and was never out of place. She played volleyball and tennis, and was involved in a freshman mentorship program. Hall misses a lot about high school. She said, “It’s nice working here! I get to see all of my teachers and coaches. Volleyball brings back so many memories.” Hall knew as a high school student that she wanted to come back and work at CHS.