Science Changes Requirements; Physics Ski Field Trips Change


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Julie Hilsenteger teaches physics, applied physics, and AP physics.

Vy Nguyen, Staff Writer

Starting next year all incoming students will be required to take physics, chemistry, and biology instead of the current requirement of just taking any three science classes.  The reason for the change is centered around national science standards.

Most incoming freshmen next year will be taking physics.

Throughout the years, the physics and AP physics have been going to Timberline for a lab experiment where they have the opportunity to snowboard or ski, but the freshman physics class next year won’t be making that trip.  Julie Hilsenteger, physics and AP physics teacher, said, “There’s too much liability because it’s fairly free up there and many freshmen aren’t mature enough [to handle that)].”  The AP physics classes and some physics classes however will still be going up the the mountain next year.  

Hilsenteger says that they’re changing up the entire thing, and how they’re teaching the science subjects. Some schools have already made the change. Hilsenteger said the science department is setting it up this way so that the incoming freshmen will take physics first to make biology and chemistry easier for them when they take those classes.