Cities Brace for Protests, Marches

Cities Brace for Protests, Marches

Mary Anne Morse, Staff Writer

For all the ladies out there who are ready to take a stand now is the time!

On January 21 at noon there will be a march held for women’s rights starting at Tom McCall Waterfront Park by The Burnside Bridge.

There will be these type of marches all over America, including the largest one which will be held in Washington DC.

While many local women will be marching in Portland, at least one teacher has chosen to go tot the national level.   Beth Lifson has confirmed that she will be at the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

According to the Facebook page listed below, this march is about many things including gender, race, sexuality, reproductive rights, protesting Donald Trump becoming president.

For anyone interested in joining a march, meteorologists suggest dressing for low temperatures, because it will be cold.

There will be no animals, bicycles or weapons allowed. Anyone wishing to carry a sign they cannot exceed 18’x13’x7’ and cannot be suspended by sticks.
For more information visit their Facebook page Women’s March on Washington: Portland.