Did You Make a New Years Resolution?


S Vawter Photo

School Resource Officer Michael Erickson doesn’t believe in the New Years Resolution tradtion.

Hannah Bowlen, Staff Writer

2017 is finally here, and that means the resurgence of the “resolution-tradition.” New Year’s Resolutions are common, and are often set as a goal for the upcoming year.

The Talon Staff decided to ask students and staff their resolutions for 2017.

Michael Erickson, school police officer, says, “New Year’s Resolutions are for losers.”

Daniel Shelton, REAP Site Coordinator, said his resolution is, “To be closer to God.”

Some students want to get in shape.  Some, don’t. Freshman Madison Spencer said her resolution is to, “Run less.” Many student’s resolutions were anonymous but included saving money, applying to college, and improving attendance.

Another main theme with goals is “improvement.” Some students chose the healthier side with resolutions such as “Drink more water,” and, “Stop drinking coffee.”

Students also chose the emotional aspect with goals like, “Stay focused regardless of the factors that may affect me.”

”Stop procrastinating,” was also a popular resolution.

One student replied, “I’m perfect the way I am.”