Schneider’s Passion Get Kids Involved


S Vawter Photo

Ehren Schneider shows off his muscles in the hall, beforet he first day of school.

Rarely do students get so lucky as to have a teacher or staff member who is so involved and deeply caring for his students as Ehren Schneider.

As the activities director for the high school, Schneider is very intent on getting kids to be involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible.

“The more involved the person is the more experiences they will have and with experience come opportunity,” he said.

Schneider’s programs and students are involved in most activities throughout the building including homecoming, assemblies, dances and proms, Eagle Fest and a variety of community service based activities.

Schneider is originally from Montana  and says his happy place would be “fishing in Montana”.

He also works with athletic programs; as assistant coach for the wrestling team he has helped turn the program around going from the previous year’s team of 20 kids to an impressive 40 kids attending practice this year.