Study Hall Lives up to Billing


Study Hall and ISS adviser Grace Mccoy is happy with the recent efforts made in her class.

Amaya Mullen, Staff Writer

In a nice turn of events, Study Hall Supervisor Grace McCoy says she is thrilled about how the students are using their time in that class to study instead of “mess around” and “chat with friends.”  

“The students in Study Hall even tend to back me up when ISS students give me sass or talk back,” McCoy said.

The fact that McCoy is both an ISS and study hall supervisor causes her to have a class every period, and sometimes can cause an overload in class sizes.  The option to send study hall students to the library is very helpful when too many students are in the room.

A lot of athletes use her class to their advantage so that they don’t have to work on school stuff at home, and can focus more on their workouts and excelling in their sport of choice, while keeping up with school.

McCoy had to move from class to class in the past, and states that being in one classroom throughout the day is much easier than moving around with a handful of students.

McCoy says study hall students, for the past two years, have been well behaved and use class time to work on assignments for other classes.