Stone Returns as One of Nation’s Top Swimmers


Shelley Johnson Photo

Senior Jamie Stone signed a letter of intent to swim for the Arizona Wildcats yesterday at the District Office.

Centennial High School senior, Jamie Stone has become known as one of the best swimmers in the nation, and now owns plenty school and state records for Oregon.

Stone started swimming in the 5th grade when her school teacher handed out flyers to the class for swimming lessons. Stone  jumped on the opportunity, showed immediate potential, and soon began chasing her dream of becoming a college swimmer. Throughout the years she didn’t stick to just one sport though, she also experienced soccer, basketball, dance, softball, and volleyball.

But in the end, swimming is the only one that she stuck with, and it seems to have paid off in a big way.

Throughout her high school years she was granted with many college choices, and has recently committed to the University of Arizona. While she had a tough decision choosing between her top four schools, University of Arizona, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and Texas A&M, she chose U of A, “Because it was the best fit for me financially, athletically, academically, and socially. Plus the facilities and coaches I will be able to work with are the best! What confirmed my decision was the fact that I was wanted for the person I am, and not just because I swim fast. I was wanted for what I would contribute to the team in and out of the pool.”

Stone  has never faced any huge conflicts with swimming besides the fact that it takes over her personal life sometimes. But, as she puts it, “I love swimming so much that I never despised it for making me ‘sacrifice’ other activities.”