Will Snow Days Mean Longer School Year?


K Vawter

The recent snow and ice has caused cancellations which has many people wondering if the school year will be lengthened to make up for lost time.

Snow days seem like fun and games, but with them come the rumors of students and teachers having to stay in school further into the summer to make up for lost time.  While this “could” happen, the Centennial District has a little wiggle room and there are still some other options.

Here is the official statement from Human Resources Director James Owens:

“High schools have a required minimum amount of 990 instructional hours per school year.  Centennial High School exceeds this minimum by approximately four school days.  Therefore, after more than four school closure days due to inclement weather, we will need to add time.  We are presently looking at options that would not extend the length of the year unless we have six or more snow days.

For seniors, it’s a bit of a different story.  Seniors have fewer minimum instructional hours (966), but their school year calendar is also shorter.  We only had one additional day in the seniors’ school year.   Therefore, we will already need to add an additional day to their school year.  More days will need to be added if there are more snow days.  For seniors, we will be adding additional days the week of June 5.”