High School follows in Elementary School Footsteps; No Costumes at School


This year is was decided that Halloween costumes were not allowed to be worn to school.

Hannah Bowlen, Staff Writer

Halloween recently passed, but the students of CHS were unable to celebrate it during school hours. Due to an administrative decision, students were not permitted to wear costumes to school. This is the first year the school district has put an alert saying ¨no costumes.¨

According to Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre, this decision was made in consideration of the elementary schools. where the students were not allowed to dress up. The students there are not allowed to dress up due to religious reasons and not all student families celebrate Halloween.

Most students followed the rule, but students who did dress up were either asked to change or were sent home. There were little to no exceptions, although it mainly depended on how much of a distraction your outfit/makeup provided.