TRiO Encourages Students to Tap Into Their Full Potential and Be College Bound


Rosanne Rivera runs the TriO Program.

Sheila Trnjanin, Staff Writer

TRiO isn’t an acronym, yet when the program and its name is looked more into depth, it’s all about supporting students on their pathway to college.

TRiO is a unique program that supports over 200 students from 6th to 12th grade with the goal of assisting them to prepare for college and their futures.

Through meeting with members individually or in small groups, advisers are able to provide aid to students with researching colleges, visiting campuses, and applying for schools and scholarships.

By working with students at a younger age up until they graduate, TRiO is able to provide them with information on different resources and tools that they can use to put them on a path to success.

Participating schools include Centennial High School, Centennial Middle School, David Douglas High School, Gresham High School, Clear Creek Middle School, and Ron Russell Middle School.

With that large number, there are three primary requirements for students to be eligible for a TRiO membership. Students who live in a household where their parents/guardians have not graduated with a four year degree are considered to be first generation, and are eligible.

The other two are students who live in a low income household, or have a documented disability.

Roseann Rivera, Chair of the Oregon TRiO Association, helps students as CHS, and is very passionate about her job.

She has seen the many benefits that the program has to offer to its members, “I’ve seen students who have gone from very low grades, to at the top of their class by the time that they graduate.

I’ve seen students from low income families, very disadvantaged families where even putting a simple meal on the table is hard to come by, to being awarded $186,000+ to go to college for four years for free; and to be able to witness and be part of something that supports not only the student, but just generations to come, is one of really the most rewarding things that I could ask for personally as a career.”

When Rivera isn’t working with students through meeting with them for 10-15 minutes during class, she has an open door policy.

She is also available before school, during lunches, and after school. Rivera is available three days a week in her office until 3:30, and is open to answering all student’s questions about college, assisting with scholarships, essays, and researching schools online.

Overall, TRiO aims to work with students in order for them to tap into their full potential, and to seek opportunities and resources available to them. “I really believe that every student deserves a quality education. Every student has the potential to succeed, given those resources and tools,” said Rivera.

Students who are interested in becoming apart of the organization, or just in need of assistance with the college selecting and application process can reach Rivera at 503.491.6014. She can also found on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the College and Career Center. Her e-mail is: [email protected]. In addition, there is a TRiO office in the Counseling Center.

To learn more about TRiO and its services, go to: