FBLA Hosts Pick-a-Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again, the time for crisp, fall air and scary decorations that adds up to an odd festiveness. With the changing seasons comes a chance for us, the students of Centennial High School, to make a real difference. Referring of course to the F.B.L.A Pick-A-Pumpkin. Every year on Oct.17-31, F.B.L.A partners with the March of Dimes, an organization that funds research on premature birth and infant mortality.

“Developed countries like America have some of the highest infant mortality and premature birth rates in the world, that’s ridiculous”. To put that into perspective, the premature birth rate in the US is 1-8. Thats huge, but we can change that.” said advisor Adrian Hardin.

“F.B.L.A is the biggest partner of march of dimes,” says F.B.L.A co-C.E.O Jerry Voung. “Every year we sell pumpkins in the cafeteria and the C.H.S students are gracious enough to support the cause”.