Sports Column: Tajik Brothers Adjusting Well


Brothers Najiballah and Sarifullah Tajik.

John Doumit, Staff Writer

I really wonder how many people in the world have been refugees in two countries, end up in a country that’s across the globe from your homeland, learn a new language, meet new people and still be really good at soccer.  Well you don’t have to go really far to find Saifullah and Najibullah Tajik because they go to Centennial High School.

Saifullah is a junior on the varsity soccer team and his brother Najibullah a sophomore is also on the varsity soccer team. Both are good players who play in forward positions.  The Tajik brothers are originally from Afghanistan, they then immigrated to Iran where they were refugees there. In the time that the Tajik brothers spent in Iran they weren’t treated fairly by the people of Iran because they were refugees from Afghanistan. The Tajik brothers finally moved to United States three years ago.

When Saifullah and Najiballah arrived with their siblings they didn’t know a single word of english, they only spoke Farsi. When asked what the the hardest thing was about coming to the United States, Saifullah and Najibullah said ¨Not knowing any English was hard because it was hard  to talk with teachers and the people.¨ After only three short years of learning English they became fluent in speaking, writing and reading.

Not only are the Tajik brothers both on varsity, one of them Najibullah netted a goal in the pre-season jamboree against Dallas. Soccer has been something that Saifullah and Najibullah have been playing since they were young kids.  The brothers said that soccer has been more than a sport to them because it helped them get through the tough times when they left their homeland. Saifullah the older brother not only does soccer, he does track in the spring and is a great sprinter with phenomenal speed.

Najibullah said, “I like that the school is a safe place.”


When the Tajik brothers first arrived to the United States there was a murder near their house which surprised them and also frightened them. According to them this lead them to liking the school even more because it is a safe place to be.


Some of the hobbies that the brothers like to do are play computer games at home and watch soccer games, something that they couldn’t always do in Iran or Afghanistan.


Najibullah said his favorite food is teriyaki chicken while Saifullah preferred Spaghetti. Both also like math and the fact that “there is always a big green soccer field to play on.”

Goals?  Najibullah said, “I want to become a successful person.”

Saifullah said, “I want to get a good job.”  Despite their improved life the Tajik brothers still miss their friends back in Afghanistan and Iran and they also miss their brother who is in Germany. These two courageous brothers can help remind many of the people here at Centennial to not take the ordinary things they get in life for granted.