Skills USA Receives $10k Grant


Skills USA receives check

Skills USA received a $10k grant from Lowe’s to improve FBLA’s Food for Families bus. The money was used to purchase new equipment to better the service for the families.

 On April 11, Skillsusa applied for a grant that was given for two reasons; a specific need for a  community and/or school improvement. They noticed that the bus had turned into a business, so they chose to apply to help out the community by improving the Food for Families bus.

    Shortly after, on May 9, Skills USA advisor, Stacy Fleck received an email saying they had received the grant. They used the money to purchase new shelving, freezers, carts, more lighting, 1 portable generator and a back up generator. “The grant helped us build up the organization. It helped get the word out about the bus and organization,” said Alondra Barrera, member of FBLA. Members keep Lowe’s updated with monthly reports, and return unused funds.

    “We are very grateful that Lowes participated with the FBLA organization,” said Jerry Vyong, president of the FBLA club.