SBAC Testing Just Around the Corner

John Doumit, Staff Writer

SBAC testing is just around the corner, so students should begin to gear up for this year´s testing.

The SBAC is an extremely important test that students need to pass to acquire their diploma.

If a student does not pass their SBAC test then a student must pass a series of work samples to get their diploma.

Despite the SBAC being an essential test, according to math teacher Ben Peterson most students are ¨not ready” for the test.

Statistically last year only 30% of students passed the SBAC test.  Peterson and his staff are also working on a practice sample SBAC test for the sophomores to take since the SBAC is only open to juniors.

At this point in time Peterson and his staff don’t know the exact date of SBAC testing, but Peterson did say that SBAC testing will be open in late April or early May.  All Peterson had to say to test takers was to “Do your best forget about the rest.”