Eagle Fest Highlights School Pride


Senior He-Man champs

This week, ASB has put on a number of events to celebrate Eagle Fest. The week aimed to celebrate the end of the school year and overall unite the school through a number of fun events.

To officially begin the week, an assembly was held on Tuesday, where each department and class were able to compete in the Olympics, and Musical Chairs was a hit!

On Wednesday, six senior boys competed against each other at Mr. Centennial. At the end of the night, Antonio Lucero was crowned after winning in the pageant and talent portion, where he performed a Broadway musical with sass and boldness.

Yesterday, students were able to come and watch the He Man Volleyball tournament, where two junior teams competed against each other, where they then played the seniors. Senior boys beat the junior team by a thread, and once again won the championship with a close fight.

Student council members mainly responsible for these events are Emma Butler, Stephanie Hout, Lena Karam, Liana Navarro, and Jason Tran. “I hope that Eagle Fest will be a success and that people will have fun at all of the events, which are pretty much celebrating the end of the school year,” Karam said.