Candy Cart Rolls to Success

Business Management and Marketing teacher Jeremy Nesbitt saw the growing needs of CHS students for a store where they could buy candy and drinks during the school day. To acknowledge their desires, the Candy Cart was open as an extension to the CHS concession stands.

“We had a lot of kids that were asking for candy and drinks they couldn’t get after school, so we decided to try it out and see if it was something that kids would want to buy from. It’s been successful so far,” Nesbitt said.

After school, students in Nesbitt’s Business Management class are responsible for walking around the school to sell products from the Candy Cart. They are also responsible for the concession stands, inventory, and counting the money.

On average, the coffee cart makes between $150-200 per week, and profits about half of that.All of the profits from the cart go towards four programs, the Athletics Program, ASB, a general school fund, and to the Business Management class.

Next year, the business hopes to expand through possibly creating more carts, and offering more food options.