ACE’s New Location Causes Stress for Students

Alexus Johnson, Staff Writer

The fate of ACE Academy  (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) has changed. Benson High School has graciously opened their doors to let ACE continue there. ACE is now trying to convince students to transfer to Benson High School full time instead of doing half day schedules as the program is currently designed.

Benson High School is near Lloyd Center, and although students would get free bus passes, some are questioning whether it’s worth the commute.

“I dislike the various changes that are happening with the move because now if I was to continue to go to ACE I would have to give up the metals shop and various other classes that I enjoy,” Dakota Dewolfe from Centennial and ACE says.

“I’m very disappointed, and this is going to be very difficult for those who are attending ACE currently. It will be especially difficult for those who participate in sports and after school activities. In addition, this will be difficult for people who have attended their home high schools for three years and now have to switch schools,” Peyton Jackman from Parkrose and ACE says.