New Beginnings for Teachers; Rivera and Coupe Move On

Ira Buzhduga, Co-Editor

Gabby Rivera

Learning Specialist Gabrielle Rivera, who graduated from Centennial in 2011, will be leaving and moving to the Tri-Cities where she will be getting married as well as “finding the next best thing in life.” As a former student at Centennial, Rivera mentioned how it was a different experience because she was now the teacher, not the student. “Everyone was so welcoming, it really felt like being back home,” said Rivera.

Previously, Rivera had been working at a bank, but then saw the available position here and gave it a shot. Throughout her experience of being a Learning Specialist, she has learned a lot about connecting with people and making valuable relationships. She says, “People skills are important.”

As words of wisdom, Rivera says, “ The most important thing is, instead of asking yourself what you want to do,  ask yourself how you want to live.… Find a person that’s living that lifestyle and ask for guidance.”

CHS Guidance Counselor Brandon Coupe will be moving to Oregon City High School to possibly take the position of Department Chair. He says, “We’ll see where the road takes me.”

Brandon Coupe.
Brandon Coupe

Coupe mentioned that coming to Centennial has taught him a lot about leadership that he hadn’t previously known about/experienced and introduced him to programs such as various College opportunities and Advanced Placements. “I absolutely loved my time here. The students were really nice. They’re just great kids,” said Coupe.

As words of wisdom, Coupe says, “You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect great results. Change comes with doing that which is uncomfortable.”